Oct 262012

I am in this continuing state of wonderment that most people and institutions carry on as though the future is going to pretty much carry on as things have been in the past, perhaps with just a few uncomfortable waves rocking the ship.  Boy, a lot of people are in for a big surprise!

It is amazing to listen to the candidates from both sides making claims that they are going to solve problems which are so big that the real solutions would cause widespread civil unrest and blood in the streets.  Here is one of the most convincing reality checks I have seen to date!

It is good to hope for the best.  It makes us feel better.  Vote the new guy in and everything will be fine. Calm seas and nice sunny day!  Just take it easy and not worry so much…

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But it is wise to plan for the worst, especially when all of the signs show that there is a huge storm on the horizon. The biggest storm ever!

I know it’s uncomfortable to talk about this stuff.  It’s not popular.  I don’t get many “likes” on these posts.

But warning the alarm bell for my friends is more important to me than being “liked!”  If I was captain of the ship, I would be yelling at you to get your butts in gear and get the lifeboats ready while the opportunity remains, even if it ruins your day. Because a huge storm is coming no matter who gets elected!

For sure!

This all adds up to the sensibility of setting aside some gold or silver, along with a stockpile of essentials, while paper money will still be accepted for it.

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