Dec 312012

12-20-12 snow storm my house 028For any of you guys that might have tried to make contact with our offices in Happy Camp last week, these images will demonstrate why you didn’t get through!  We lost power on the afternoon of Thursday, 20 December.  Our Internet connection went down with the power and was not back on line again until Wednesday of this past week.  The girls were back in the office on Thursday and Friday trying to catch up on a lost week.  They will be in the office on Monday closing out the books for 2012.  We should be back up to full strength again on Wednesday of this coming week (2 January).

Happy New Year to everyone!  As long as we survive the “fiscal cliff,” I’m about to make some announcements that should help generate lots of hope and success in 2013.  More on that very soon!

Here is wishing you all the best as we close out of 2012!

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  1. WOW! Thanks for posting.

  2. OMG…Happy Camp don’t look so happy. I was there a few years ago in late May; rivers were raging, didn’t get any prospecting done but Montine was very nice and helpful. Just finished reading your book…pure awesomeness.

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