Oct 132012

I just returned back to the Philippines from Bangkok.  It is nice to be back again in my normal routine.  We are getting hot, sunny weather here now.  It rained cats and dogs all 4 days that I was in Thailand.  I got caught out in it several times and got soaked.  My umbrella was not able to protect me from the heavy downpour bouncing off the ground.

The thing that amazes me about Southeast Asia is how fast the economy is moving.  I went to one of several huge shopping malls near where I live yesterday to buy some groceries.  The whole place was packed with thousands and thousands of shoppers.  It was the same way in the 3 different (huge) shopping malls I visited in Thailand earlier this week.  I’ll include an image, though the view through my camera lens did not capture the magnitude of the bustling economy.

One of the best ways to get a perception of how things are going, is to compare with other, similar situations.  All you need to do is visit the shopping centers in these other countries to realize there is definitely something very wrong with how America is being managed.  We need to look back before it is too late and figure out where we lost our way.  I addressed this in several chapters of Extreme Prospector.  I’d really like to hear your comments on my facebook page.


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  1. Dear Dave,
    I recently started to read your books, i have been traveling around the world too but never prospected for gold.
    I have few questions:
    When you collect all this gold around the world, how do you get the export documents for gold? do you mint it into dore bars and then trade it at the lbma price?
    Would you take an additional assistant in your missions?
    Would could help turning your adventures into large scale organised mining activity
    Thanks in advance for your answer
    Kind regards

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