Oct 072012

dredgeI have been asked to participate in a dredging program in a location that I am not allowed to disclose at the moment. I can only say that it is to the south of where I am presently located in the Philippines.

They say the location is a bit remote, meaning that everything needs to be packed in on foot.  They are camping out there, working about a week at a time before returning to town for supplies.

Check out the gold these guys are recovering!Gold

They say their biggest worry is over deadly-poisonous snakes which hang out around the water.  None of the guys have ever been bitten. So they must have some way of keeping the snakes at bay.

I hate snakes, even the kind that don’t bite.  But in this case, I might try and get over it!

reef gold

I’ll be over in Bangkok next week signing the Special Edition versions of Extreme Prospector before shipping them off to Portland.  After that, I am thinking of going over to check out this dredging program.  Does anyone want to come along?  If so, let me hear from you on my face book page.

  2 Responses to “Check Out This Gold Dredging Opportunity!”

  1. dave ,im not afraid of snakes.mynick name with my oldest and closest friends is snake man. how ever i am deathly afraid of spiders. been bitten by the hobo spider twice. very nasty.

  2. Woo Hooo.
    this adventure would be over the top. i would go with out hesitation if i had the finances to do the trip. ive been dredging with a 5 in since 1980. on a scale of 1 to 10 my ability would be at 7.5 to 8 being Mackracken is a 11. i eat ad breath gold dredging 24 /7.more often than not, dreaming of dredging areas ive explored but havnt gotten too yet.

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