Oct 292012

Here is a 5-minute preview of Lost Treasure Hunters.  It is very exciting to see early promotional material now being played on the Internet. The full reality show was originally scheduled to begin on 24 August.  But Animal Planet decided to push the show back to early this next year.  Here is their press release which introduces the show and the cast members.  Fellow cast member, Steve Newbery, posted summaries for each of the initial five episodes right here.

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  3 Responses to “Preview of Lost Treasure Hunters!”

  1. Preview looks exciting. Huge potential treasure, strong personalities, danger for all. In addition to the treasure hunt, it will be interesting to see how all these alpha personalities work as a team. Go Dave!!!!!!!!

  2. “I gotta see how he performs” Does this guy know who you are???? Looks good Dave, hope you find some diamonds :-)

  3. Drat! Only cable buyers can view. It is OK as I know it will be good.

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