Record-Breaking Gold Nugget Discovered on the Rogue River!

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Sep 202012

Check out this beautiful four-ounce gold nugget James and Denise McCarville discovered just a few weeks before the end of this year’s dredging season on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

James says he came close to missing the beautiful piece of gold altogether because it was initially covered by a thin film of mud.  The nugget was so large, it didn’t even occur to him that it was gold until he picked it up off the bottom of the river and felt the weight of it.  He says he is still coming to terms with the reality that he recovered such a large nugget of pure wealth.

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You can read the whole story in the September Issue of the New 49’er Newsletter.

James and Denise are already making plans for next year.  So am I!  What about you guys?