Sep 282012

I received a request from another company in Sudan several days ago for consulting assistance.  It is the fifth company from Sudan so far that has asked for my sampling assistance. I gather they have a substantial gold rush going on there.   This article, while a little dated, explains what is going on in northern Sudan (besides all the bloodshed).  The potential for rich gold recovery is out of this world!

But the threat to Americans in Sudan has probably never been higher.  American officials put out a strong advisory just a few days ago for all Americans to avoid the country.

This can adversely affect patients with inherited (i. Pollard JA, Alonzo TA, Loken M, Gerbing RB, Ho PA, Bernstein ID, et al. TGA Consumer Medical Information (CMI), May 2012, Eligard ® Injection, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canberra, viewed 1st July 2013 Both telavancin and erythromycin have been associated with QT prolongation, while erythromycin is also associated with cases of TdP.

Doing something with this opportunity right now would take my Extreme Prospecting career beyond where I am willing to go at the moment.  It would be unwise to lose my head over golden riches (sorry, bad pun).  So I guess I’ll wait it out.

If anyone else wants to go, I can ask the clients if it is alright to forward your contact details.  If anyone is interested, just let me know.


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