Aug 062012

Dave McCracken - Lost Treasure Hunters

I recently teamed up with Discovery Network and four other specialists to participate in an adventure-packed expedition to locate the famous Golconda diamond mines of India. Lost for maybe 250 years, the world’s most famous diamonds originated from these very same mines, including the Hope Diamond.

The (very) challenging project forced our team to overcome a myriad of obstacles, including extreme weather, treacherous locations on land and in water, venomous snakes, crocodiles and language barriers, all within a culture that is rife with superstition and an unshakeable belief that anyone who attempts to find the lost mines would be cursed.

Indian Diamond WorkersAnimal Planet will cover the entire adventure in five continuing episodes. Here is the first episode of Lost Treasure Hunters. It is very exciting to see early promotional material now being played on the Internet.  Fellow cast member, Steve Newbery, has posted summaries for each of the initial five episodes right here. 

We constructed and shipped a very special suction dredge to India from Happy Camp,California to support this project.  While you will have to watch the show to see how it all plays out, I believe you will be pleased with the expanded exposure to suction dredging as a means to uncover fortune and economic opportunities.

Diamond Dredge - Lost Treasure Hunters



I personally believe a big part of moving the legal and political realities more in our favor is to increase awareness broadly about what we do.  Surveys show that most people like the idea of being able to go out and discover fun and fortune. The Discovery specials on suction dredging in Alaska are also helping a lot with this.

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