Extreme Prospector Hardcover Edition


Indiana Jones Has Met His Match!

Extreme Prospector - 512 pages of true adventure with over 250 photographs

The dangerous , hair-raising adventures of real life treasure hunter Dave Mack will transport you to a perilous world of high risk - high reward treasure hunting, where one wrong decision can lead to disaster, but the right calls, guts and determination are rewarded with handfuls of gold nuggets and bulging bags of priceless gems!

For 30 years, former Navy SEAL Dave Mack, the ultimate non-conformist, has been doing what others only dream about - finding and keeping treasure bonanzas from all over the world.

With details previously known only to a close group of trusted associates, Dave reveals the full story of his often secret exploits over the last three decades that have made him one of the world's most consistently successful treasure hunters.

Hardcover. Also available in paperback .

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